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Celebrating our Heritage and Inspiring our Future



For 65 years Lindisfarne College has provided a unique educational opportunity for over 4,500 boys. We aim to secure exciting challenges and opportunities for our sons, grandsons and great grandsons. A strong Foundation will help realise the talent and potential of the young men educated at Lindisfarne College.

The challenge is to ensure that the College is at the forefront of both Intermediate and Secondary Boys' education, to secure its stability, preserve its special character and give the school innovative options for the future. This can only be achieved by providing  the  College with funds over and above those required for day to day activities.

While sensitive to the sacrifices which so many make to send their sons to Lindisfarne, it is not unreasonable to say that everygeneration has benefited from the gifts of the past and that we will ultimately need the assistance of the whole Lindisfarne community to ensure the future for many more generations at Lindisfarne College.

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The Lindisfarne College Foundation was established in  1996 to provide a secure financial base for the future of the school.

Lindisfarne is a State Integrated school and as such receives partial government funding for teachers' salaries and the operation of its Day School. The responsibility for the development and maintenance of its buildings and the Boarding side of the College is totally the responsibility of the College families, the wider College Community and the Proprietors.

The Foundation Trustees comprise the Rector, two members of the Lindisfarne College Council, one representative nominated by the Lindisfarne College Old Boys' Association, one representative nominated by the Lindisfarne College Parents' and Friends' Association and one other member who is recognised as being a 'person of standing in the community'.

Broad Objectives

The Foundation provides the funds for the future.

  • To provide for educational research projects, special projects, scholarships, Bursaries, educational allowances and for visits from academic and teaching specialists, Old Boys and persons who are able to benefit the College and its pupils.

  • To provide financial assistance for the acquisition of library books, art or educational equipment of any kinds.

  • To provide financial assistance for the development of new teaching methods and skills and the cultural awareness of the College.

  • To provide finance for the acquisition, construction or maintenance of buildings used or to be used by the College.

Our Goals

  • To protect the independence of Lindisfarne College against future changes in state funding and to ensure the preservation of its Special Character.

  • The Foundation is the vehicle for the raising of funds and management of the investments held for the benefit of the College, funds not associated with the day to day operational management.

  • To make donations to fund future development of the College, ensuring that the best facilities are available for the education of tomorrow's leaders.

Donations and bequests will be of lasting benefit to the College as the capital will be invested and the income received will be used for our priority projects.

Foundation Projects

The Foundation has assisted with the following projects:

  • The construction of the 'Graham Smith Library'.

  • The development of the Physics and Biology Science Laboratories.

  • Contributions to all completed stages of the Performing Arts and Events Centre including the Music Suite, Fitness Centre and Physical Education classroom.

  • Four prominent 'Dibble Sculptures' located in the front circle, 'The Four Cornerstones' sculpture on the Homestead lawn, Maui's Fish outside the dining room as well as one outside the Lowe Family Performing Arts Centre.

  • Ongoing support for talented but financially disadvantaged students so they can attend Lindisfarne College.

Friends of the Foundation


A person who makes a gift or gifts of $500 or more, but less than
$5,000 is recognised as a Fellow of the Foundation.


A person who makes a gift of $5,000 or more, but less the $50,000 will be invited to become an Associate member of the Foundation, receiving regular College information.

A person who makes a gift of $50,000 or greater is a Benefactor and will have his or her name recorded on the Honours Board of the Foundation. All Benefactors will receive preferential invitations and seating at key College events, such as Prizegivings and Rector's Dinners.

All donations to the Foundation are be recorded in the Foundation Donors' Book.

Our People


Mr Peter Headifen (Chairman)
Mr Ken Macleod (Rector)
Mr Peter Tod
Mr Jim Syme
Mr Gary Wellwood
Mr Rob Hay
Dr John Wakeman


Advancement Manager

This is a new role, recruited in January 2018. The main purpose of this role is to further the objectives of the Foundation. If you would like to make a donation, or would like further information about leaving a legacy in your Will, please contact us by email at the link below.

600 Pakowhai Road 


Hastings 4120

New Zealand


P O Box 2341 

Hastings 4153

New Zealand