​​​​​​​Boarding at Lindisfarne is far more than a place of residence; it is a vibrant, close-knit community, a brotherhood, rich in traditions. Our staff and students develop close working relationships of goodwill, trust and respect. Individual attention is paid to monitoring and supporting boarders' academic, physical and social needs.

Lindisfarne College is a great place for young men to grow into fine young men:  a place where boarders develop strong bonds and lifelong friendships.

Living at the College

Boarding accommodates up to 250 students across five residences. Each residence is grouped by age, with the youngest boys enjoying the security of being close to the College centre while older boys enjoy greater independence in the senior residences.

Up to Year 10, boys share dormitories of six boys while Year 11 and 12 enjoy twin or single rooms. In Year 13 every boy has his own room and access to a shared kitchen and living quarters.  

The College is unique in that boarding managers are all classroom teachers who understand the boys’ daily responsibilities. We have teachers in physical education, technology, science and Maori studies in boarding and among them are four premier team coaches who provide academic and sporting support which helps to to create a stable and close-knit community.

Weekend Activities

This is a selection of some of the activities arranged for them: movie nights, live theatre, visits to Splash Planet, outings and socials with Woodford and Iona students, Art Deco activities, golf, Laser Force, paintball, go-karts, tenpin bowling, fishing off wharf, kayaking, visits to see the  gannets, speedway, local rugby fixtures and more.

Supervised Homework

Academically, boarders have real advantages. 

Prep time each evening provides a supervised ‘quiet’ time for homework and study, access to on duty specialist teachers, House Tutors and senior students who are available to assist boarders with their work. 

For many, this makes a significant difference to their learning progress. Further assistance is also available for international students for whom English is a second language.

​​​​​​​​​​​​First Class Catering

Meals are carefully planned to be healthy, nutritious and balanced to meet the demands of growing boys. Different menus for vegetarians, gluten intolerant boys or those with allergies are prepared by a specialist chef.

All meals are based around fresh healthy options with a strong emphasis on locally sourced produce. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our weekly updated menu.