Our Mission

To inspire and instil, within each Lindisfarne boy, the aspiration to become the best he can be through active engagement in our four cornerstones of learning.
Our Vision

The young men of Lindisfarne will be men of good character who will go on to lead successful and significant lives.

Our Values

Resilient & Self Reliant 

We are able to adapt. We are not defensive and use feedback as an opportunity to learn and grow. Things don’t get taken personally because we are confident and resilient in ourselves.

Striving & Achieving

We are passionate about our boys’ success. We are unapologetically aspirational in our goals to achieve the best in & out of the classroom reaching our potential and being the best we can be, is Lindisfarne’s bottom line. Lindisfarne is driven to give you the best shot at a happy and successful life. We believe with hard work and perseverance you will succeed. This is at all levels of our organisation.

Honest & Respectful

When we walk into a room, we look people in the eyes and greet them warmly. It shows respect for others, but it comes from confidence & respect for ourselves. We believe in who and what we are. We hold our head up high. Our learning journey never ends. I do what is right even when it is difficult or hard. I am grateful for the contribution others have made to my life. I am aware of others and embrace who they are.

Leading & Innovating

We are thinking about tomorrow and what is needed to get us there. We are not scared to push the boundaries and take paths not taken by others. Leading is crucial to the sector we are in, and if we are to inspire and drive young men, we must show that in everything we do. We can’t do what we have always done, we must challenge and drive ourselves in every area. We want to build curiosity and a drive to push boundaries by thinking outside of the box.

Caring & Connected

We are a community, being kind and contributing is a basic cornerstone of how this school works. We care for ourselves and others. We believe the more you give the more receive.

​​​​​​​​​Our Special Character

The heart of Special Character at Lindisfarne is to provide a character education to enable students to flourish.  Our Special Character is founded on the Christian values of courage, humility, respect, integrity, service, and kindness which are taught and modelled by staff and students alike.

Lindisfarne encourages young men to be the best they can be in the four cornerstones of academic excellence, cultural enrichment, sporting endeavour and through a Christian dimension.

The Chaplain is integral to the Special Character of Lindisfarne in leading both worship and religious education, enabling students to explore faith issues and how these can positively influence the direction of their lives.

While our special character is based on the Christian faith, we welcome students from all cultures and all faiths who support the special character of Lindisfarne and seek a Christian based education.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Inspirational Teachers

We have exceptionally talented and committed staff who understand the educational and pastoral needs of boys.

Staff are committed to their professional development, continually upskilling in their areas of expertise locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  All our staff coach a summer and/or a winter sport or co-curricular activity. We believe this is key to developing strong teacher-student relationships enhancing and enriching their educational experience.


​​​​​​​Personalised Education

Lindisfarne College recognises the importance of personally knowing and understanding our students. Small class sizes enable our teachers to build strong positive relationships that allow an individualised approach to student learning.

With small class sizes our teachers are able to cater to their students' learning needs, challenging them to achieve to the best of their ability. Lindisfarne College's focus on the individual has proved to be successful in improving students' academic results