Old Boys' Association;
Connecting with our Old Boys

​​​​​​​Established on December 8, 1956, the Lindisfarne College Old Boys' Association aims to provide opportunities for our Old Boys to keep connected with each other, and with the College.  We also support the growth and development of the College by providing an Old Boys Scholarship and financial support to special projects. ​​​​​​​

We invite all Old Boys to update your contact details so we can keep you informed of an event near you - come along, meet others and take a trip down memory lane.  We also invite Old Boys to complete an Old Boys Profile, so we can motivate and inspire our current boys about life beyond College. 

​​​​​​​Keep us Updated

Lindisfarne College and the Lindisfarne College Old Boys’ Association would like to showcase the achievements and successes of old boys to the wider Lindisfarne community. We are proud of our boys and would love to hear words about their experiences at the College and life since then.

We would particularly like to highlight alumni profiles to current Lindisfarne students, inspiring them with the potential opportunities beyond life at College. 

To have your profile featured in our various communications (website, magazine, brochures etc.), we would be grateful if you could please take a few minutes and complete the questions on the contact form.

Feel free to answer as little or as much as you like, and please attach a high resolution photograph of yourself, if possible.

​​​​​​​LCOBA is a part of the biannual "Highways" College community magazine, and regularly connects with our community through our LCOBA Facebook page.  We alson recently joined Linkedin, so please update your education to our official College page so you can connect with old boys via the Alumni pages.​​​​​​​

Latest Highways Magazine
Dec 2023

President - Hugh McPhail (80-84)


Patron: Roger Alexander (53-55) 
President: Hugh McPhail (80-84)​​​​​​
Vice President: Mike Knobloch (80-84)
Secretary: Rob Hay (77-83)
Treasurer: Matt Carney (90-93)
​​​​​​​Member: Campbell Howlett (80-86)

The Old Boys' Association Executive meet quarterly

Old Boys' Events

Each year the LCOBA provides plenty of opportunities for our Old Boys to get together, catch up with old friends, reminisce over old times and keep themselves connected with their local contacts.  ​​​​​​​

Events are held locally, nationally and internationally and range from popping in to say hi at our Show Days, supporting your old favourite sports teams and joining us for a drink or dinner, as well as the annual summer and winter Old Boys' Sports Days which are held at school where Old Boys face off against current students.

Depending on the event, invitations are sent via our Old Boys' Facebook page, by email or post.  Make sure your contact details are up to date so you don't miss out on the next one!