​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Congratulations to the 19 young men who have been announced as the 2023 Prefect Team. To be a College Prefect is the highest honour a young man can aspire to during his secondary years. This position brings with it a great deal of responsibility and will provide considerable challenge, personal growth and fulfilment to those who make the most of the opportunity.

Prefects must have the confidence, personal skills, and depth of character to exercise leadership and authority. They must be honest and reliable and show by their conduct and appearance that they model the College’s expectations and rules that they will now be called upon to enforce. It is important that a Prefect’s loyalty and priorities are to his school, his Rector, the staff, the Head Prefect, and his Office.

Head Prefect
William Duncan

Deputy Head Prefect
Hopa Keelan

Head of Boarding
George Kilsby

Chapel Prefect
Heremia McGarvey

Service Prefect
​​​​​​​Thomas Turner

Academic Prefect
​​​​​​​Leo Guo

Academic Prefect
Tom van der Gulik

Year 7 and 8 Prefect
Herbie Coates

Year 7 and 8 Prefect
Hugo Absolom

Cultural Prefect
Callum Wallace

Cultural Prefect
Paora Watene

Cultural Prefect
Antoni Milewski

Sports Prefect
Finn Balchin

Sports Prefect
Jack Blyth

Sports Prefect
Lachlan Wright

Oswald House Prefect
Jonty Roil

Aidan House Prefect
Callum O'Keeffe

Durham House Prefect
Tama Heather

Cuthbert House Prefect
Thomas Baines