Since 1953 Lindisfarne College has provided a unique educational opportunity for over 4,500 boys. We aim to secure exciting challenges and opportunities for our sons, grandsons and great grandsons. A strong Foundation will help realise the talent and potential of the young men educated at Lindisfarne College.

The challenge is to ensure that the College is at the forefront of both Intermediate and Secondary Boys' education, to secure its stability, preserve its special character and give the school innovative options for the future. This can only be achieved by providing the College with funds over and above those required for day to day activities.

While sensitive to the sacrifices which so many make to send their sons to Lindisfarne, it is not unreasonable to say that every generation has benefited from the gifts of the past and that we will ultimately need the assistance of the whole Lindisfarne community to ensure the future for many more generations at Lindisfarne College.