Fees are reviewed annually by the College Council. Changes normally take effect from the beginning of Term One. The fees for this year are as follows (all figures are GST inclusive). 


The Attendance dues fee is charged each term and is a Ministry of Education approved fee under the terms and conditions of our Integration Agreement.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Direct Debit is the preferred payment option.  To settle your College accounts by Direct Debit, please contact our Finance team on extn 775 or email our Accounts to obtain the required documentation.  Tuition fees are also payable by credit card.

Fees are due and payable within one month of billing, at the beginning of each term.

Dayboys share in a communal daily meal. This charge is averaged over the four terms, and takes into account seniors leaving early for exam leave. 

The College operates a disbursement deposit account for pupils to cover items of incidental expenditure during the term. This is charged at the entry of each new pupil to the College and refunded when the pupil leaves the College. Initial deposits for new entrants are: Boarders $800 and Dayboys $500.

The College offers tuition in music, woodwork, technical drawing, art, cooking and other curricular activities and clubs.  In most instances pupils will be charged for the cost of materials. School camps are partly subsidised from Activity Fees. A charge for sports to cover equipment, affiliation fees and travel is made to each pupil on a user-pays basis.

The voluntary parental contribution is charged each term to assist with meeting the costs of the provision of Chaplaincy Services, resourcing arts and cultural opportunities, sports co-ordination and management and the ongoing development of our outstanding facilities.

Parents may include these payments in a claim for tax credits from the Inland Revenue Department. A receipt is issued for donations paid on an annual basis in April for the previous tax year (April – March).

The College collects on behalf of the Parents and Friends Association a subscription from the parents of all students which entitles the parents to become members of the Parents and Friends Association. This is an annual charge of $20.00 and occurs during Term 2 for the duration of the student’s time at Lindisfarne College.​​​​​​​

This is a donation charged over 3 years commencing at the start of Term 3 in the first year of the student's attendance.  This entitles the student to become a life member of the Old Boys' Association once he has left the College and the full subscription has been paid.

​​​​​​​If your son is leaving the College please note that under the terms and conditions of enrolment, one terms notice of withdrawal needs to be given in writing to the Rector if your son is leaving the College.  The notice must be no later than the beginning of the term at the end of which a student is to leave. In the event that such notice is not given by the date required, the following terms fees shall be payable.