​​​​​​​Lindisfarne College is a state-integrated boarding and day school for boys, located on a stunning 22ha park-like campus on the outskirts of Hastings in Hawke’s Bay. Since opening in 1953, Lindisfarne College has had a clear vision: that the young men of Lindisfarne will be of good character and will go on to lead lives of success and significance.   

Immersed in the Lindisfarne College culture of excellence, every boy is motivated to discover his strengths - whether it be in the classroom, on the sports field, on the stage or in serving others.

Success, however, is not just measured by what a Lindisfarne boy achieves, but how he chooses to live his life as a good son, brother and friend, and future colleague, husband, father.​​​​​​​

A Word from our Rector

I welcome your interest in Lindisfarne College, a proud and historic school of excellence for boys in the stunning Hawke’s Bay. We are committed to delivering an outstanding character education to our students, built on a foundation of four cornerstones: Academic, Christian, Cultural and Sport.

As your son embarks on his journey through Lindisfarne College, he will be challenged to develop his values, attitudes and skills so that he graduates as a “good young man of character”. Inspired by those who have gone before him, he will pick up the baton and run his race as a member of a strong band of Lindisfarne brothers. He will be clear about the expectations we have of him to demonstrate those values that we hold dear: Courage, Humility, Respect, Integrity, Service and Kindness.
​​​​​​​Stuart Hakeney, Rector

We are one big family who relies on each other. We all contribute equally and don’t get to sit on the sidelines. Contributing is a responsibility. Community comes in many forms. Respect and tolerance for diverse thinking are how we contribute to our whānau.

​​​​​​​Seizing opportunities every day, and giving everything our best shot, are how we show our gratitude. We get out what we put in. Contributing our time through service is non-negotiable.

When we walk into a room, we look people in the eyes and greet them warmly. It shows respect and manaaki for others, but it comes from confidence and respect for ourselves. We believe in who and what we are. We hold our heads up high; we are part of a lifelong brotherhood and proud history of educating some of the best men in the country.

We are unapologetically aspirational in our goals to achieve the best in and out of the classroom – striving to reach our potential is the bottom line. Lindisfarne is driven to give us the best shot at a happy and successful life.​​​​​​​


Standards are key. Pride in appearance shows a respect for oneself and the College. We are proud of who we are and the role we play in the bigger picture. Whanaungatanga and relationships form the basis of our community, and we put great value on building and maintaining connections. Relationships are earned and come with effort.

We all have the opportunity to lead every day in the way we choose to live our lives at Lindisfarne. Anyone can follow. That bit is easy. To stand tall and lead might be challenging, but it is possible. Finding ways to push ourselves and go beyond our comfort zone is where we learn things about ourselves. We are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Our Christian faith plays an integral role in who we aspire to be, and that informs the way we live our lives at Lindisfarne.​​​​​​​