Boarding is a unique experience that can be immensely rewarding and fun. Boarders at Lindisfarne get the opportunity to build significant friendships and develop self-discipline and maturity which enable them to contribute to all aspects of College life and beyond.


Both full and weekly boarding options are available and both have significant advantages for parents and boys



Almost half of our boarding community are full boarders who come from Hawke's Bay, Gisborne, Bay of Plenty, Taupo and beyond.  We also have a growing international student roll who add significant value and diversity to the boarding community.
Full boarders can arrange their own exeats in addition to those on the calendar.  When in residence the boys are kept exceptionally busy with weekend team sports and organised activities as well as downtime with their boarding friends. 
At all times the boarders are supported by an exceptional team of staff, most of whom live on the College campus.


Demand for weekly boarding has grown significantly over the years.  This clearly indicates that parents are realising the advantages of “the boarding experience”.
Weekly boarding provides a convenient option for busy families and for the boys, it provides extra opportunities for involvement in sporting, cultural and House activities and supported academic study.
At the end of the week, boys can look forward to enjoying quality weekend time at home.  For many it provides the best of both worlds.

Advantages of boarding


Academic support

Boarders get the academic support they need with access to academic tutors every evening, routine evening prep classes and in-dorm study for seniors.


Spiritual connection 

The College Christian ethos plays a part in their journey through understanding the many facets of who they are and the importance of a strong value system.

Cultural engagment 

Boarders have easy access to music practice studios, the performing arts centre, practise instruments and tuition in a range of cultural activities.


Health and well-being 

The importance of a healthy balanced diet, good sleep patterns and the need for regular exercise is the basis for the boarding experience.


Access to sporting facilities:

Boarding students have access to expansive playing fields, the swimming pool, gym and fitness centre and transport is provided to the many local sports competitions.


George is the ideal leader for the boarding community as he has been a full boarder from Year 7 and this gives him a keen understanding of what it is like for the new boys when they first arrive as boarders. He has always been involved in all aspects of the school and over the years has collected awards for sport, academic achievement, service and oral communication amongst other things.


George values the sense of community and brotherhood that comes from being a full boarder but also  acknowledges that activities such as the compulsory prep sessions have allowed him to reach his full potential.



Laurent Simutoga’s first experience of Lindisfarne was as a 14 year old touring New Zealand with the New Caledonian U15 rugby team in 2003. It wasn’t hard to see the latent talent in the young Laurent and he was offered a place at Lindisfarne for the following year. Despite his enthusiasm, Laurent was unable to persuade his father of the merits of this plan of action until the following year when the offer was renewed and he became the first New Caledonian  student at Lindisfarne.

Like many of the New Caledonian boys who have been at Lindisfarne, Laurent made the most of his time at the College and played a prominent role in the success of the First XV of this era. After his return to New Caledonia, Laurent was selected to play for the U18 French squad and went on to play club rugby in France.

Laurent returned to New Zealand to raise his family and  few years later he was back at Lindisfarne where he took up a diverse role which combines rugby coaching with boarding duties, mentoring and campus supervision. The rugby coaching includes the sevens team he takes to New Caledonia every year. He leads a College Pasifika performance group and he keeps an eye out for the growing contingent of students from New Caledonia and other Pacific islands. Laurent is proud of starting an important tradition by being the first student from the Pacific islands to come to Lindisfarne.

​Laurent is a loyal Old Boy and a fine example and inspiration to boys, regardless of their heritage.  As a mentor to youngsters from the islands, Laurent tells each and every one of them to make the most of the many opportunities Lindisfarne creates for them. It was, he says, the biggest opportunity of his life, and he will always be glad he took it.

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Yrs 7 - 8  Mr Brett Payne

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Yr 11 Mr Pomare Sidney
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Yr 9  Mr Henry Harland

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Mrs Sandy Kennedy

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(5pm - 10pm covered by Brenda Herbert) 
Friday 6.30am - 12pm


Mr Laurent Simutoga
Assistant Boarding Manager

Mr Jock Millar
Assistant Boarding Manager

Prep Teacher/other Support Staff
Ms Bec Joll

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Mr Milarn Smith

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Weekend Nurse on Staff
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