Our Summer Sports generally run between Terms One and Four.

See below to see the extensive range of sports we cover within this time period.


The College Athletics Championships take place in February from which a team is selected to represent the East Coast (ECNI) competition. The top performers from this competition qualify for the North Island Championships.


Training Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during Terms 1 and 4 at the Regional Sports Park which is close to the College.


Uniform:  College athletic singlet, red athletic shorts, red polo shirt (optional), College cap.


Equipment:  Running shoes/spikes.


Teacher in Charge:  Mr Murray Smith


The College cricket season runs in Term 1 and Term 4.  The teams compete in the Hawke's Bay Cricket Association Club and Youth competition played on Saturdays.  


Training Days:  Tuesday and Thursday at lunchtimes or after school at The Farne, Lyndhurst Road nets and open wickets.


Uniform:   College white polo shirt, white cricket trousers, red College cap and white floppy hat.


Equipment:  Cricket gear.

Teacher in Charge:  Mr Mark Watson

Draw:  Hawke's Bay Cricket Association


Local events are held during Term 2 and Term 3, including the Triple Peaks race and Tough Guy Challenge.  


Training Days:  held in the mornings; locations vary between Hastings, Havelock North and Te Mata Peak.


Uniform:  White College athletic singlet, red athletic shorts.


Teacher in Charge:   Mr Cameron Stuart


Sailing runs in Term 1 and Term 4. Teams compete in the Spring Regatta, Lower NISS, NZSS Regattas.


Training Days:  Wednesday at the Napier Sailing Club.


Uniform:  Red College spray vest, red polo shirt and red shorts.


Equipment:  All-weather sailing gear.


Teacher in Charge:  Mr Jared Fritchey


Softball runs in Term 1 and Term 4 against local high school teams.


Training Days:  Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes and after school at The Farne.


Uniform:  White with red College polo shirt, white and red tennis shorts, white socks, red cap.


Equipment:  Mitts and gloves.


Teacher in Charge: Mr Karl Jones


The College Swimming Sports day is hosted around week 3 of Term 1 from which a team is selected to represent the College in the regional Secondary School Champs and New Zealand Secondary School championships.


Teacher in Charge:  Mr Murray Smith


Tennis runs in Term 1 and Term 4. Juniors play in the Hawke's Bay Schools competition.  The Seniors play in the school and interschools championships as well as the Doug Storkey exchange (Term 4).


Training Days:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at Lindisfarne Courts, Hastings Girls' High School, Hastings Tennis Club.


Uniform:  White with red College polo shirt, white and red tennis shorts, white socks, red cap (optional).


Equipment:  Racket, tennis shoes.


Teacher in Charge:  Mr Murray Richardson


Touch runs in Term 1 and Term 4.  The teams participate in the Hawke's Bay Secondary Schools competition.


Training Days:  Monday, Tuesday and Saturday morning (varies by team) on the Ranui and Pakowhai fields.


Uniform:  College touch top, black rugby shorts, white ankle socks.


Teacher in Charge:  Mr Darren Brown


Volleyball runs in Term 1 and Term 4 in the local Hawke's Bay high school leagues played on Thursday evenings at Pettigrew-Green Arena, Napier.


Training Days:  Tuesday and Thursday and Friday lunchtimes and after school in the gymnasium.


Uniform:  Red College polo shirt, red shorts, white socks.


Equipment:  Court shoes, knee pads.


Teacher in Charge: Mrs Adele Kenny


Rowing - During the season rowers train and compete under the Hawke's Bay Rowing Club.  The College crews are selected and trained by the club to compete in the NISS and Maadi Cup regattas. 


Swimming - Swimmers train at local swimming clubs and come together as Lindisfarne College for the NISS and NZSS swimming championships. 


Surf Life Saving - Students can elect to participate in Surf Lifesaving as their major code during Terms 1 and 4.



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