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“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” 

(Soren Kierkegaard)

65 from the Archive Gallery

Celebrating our people and place

​This year we celebrate 65 years at Lindisfarne College. Throughout this time the Old Boys, staff and parents of the College have been the vehicle that has carried us forward to where Lindisfarne College is today unashamedly one of the top boys schools in New Zealand. There have been moments, events, people and issues both good and bad that have helped the College and its people grow into what it is today. In this 65th year we celebrate, honour and recognise our heritage and those who built it.  But it is far more than that!

65 from the Archive - Celebrating our People and Place celebrates the people who Lindisfarne College influenced and changed. While each can remember the past and can share their schoolboy stories it is their lives, their living out of the lessons learned – the faith, the character, the disciplines, the dreams, the relationships, the vision that we really celebrate.  Lindisfarne College unashamedly seeks to develop men of character who lead both successful and significant lives.  The sons of Lindisfarne have indeed grown into men and have made a difference in a wide range of places, settings and roles. 

For the College in 2018 these stories are inspirational for the current generation of students who are dreaming new dreams in a changing world. Their hopes for the future are inspired by the men of Lindisfarne who have shown the way.  65 from the Archive is about remembering and celebrating our past but it is more about inspiring the future -  the future of the College, the future of its boys and the future of our communities, nation and world. We cannot live in the past and as inspirational old boys, staff and leaders our responsibility is to focus on the future and to build on and leave a legacy that will promote and inspire the next generation. 

Connecting with our old boys opens the door to that heritage and inspiration. No story is too small and no pathway lacking in lessons. Each and every old boy of Lindisfarne College has a unique life and experiences that  can be shared and will be relevant, encouraging or inspirational to someone.  We hope that these stories may be just the beginning and will inspire further remarkable success and significance from the current sons of Lindisfarne.  Do join us in sharing your story and being inspired by the stories of others! We can’t live in the past, the future is yet to come, but your contribution now in the present can make a real difference. 

Mr Ken MacLeod



​65 from the Archive: Celebrating our People and Place is a social media campaign designed to reconnect with Lindisfarne College’s Old Boys and their families.  

Led by the Lindisfarne College Old Boys' Association, in partnership with the College, the campaign will run through Terms 2 to 4, and will conclude with a published special edition Highways Magazine in December 2018. 

Starting in the Founding Years of 1951, the 65 from the Archive, will share with readers a snapshot of where our Old Boys went after leaving College. There will be opportunities for our Old Boys to connect with the College and with other Old Boys on LinkedIn, Facebook and via the College website.  There will also be opportunities to come along and take a tour of the College, support one of our big sporting events, attend a regional social function, or join us at one of our musical concerts. 

65 from the Archive will also take readers on a journey by featuring key milestones and people that helped shape what the College is today. The Archives Gallery will be updated monthly.

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